Reno Park Update 091005B: Zoning

So what is the relationship between zoning and buildings? (Again colors are off!)


You can also see that planners tweaked the zoning adjustments and it makes a pretty blobbish pattern. I’m stunned that Nebraska Avenue is zoned so lightly, and how many buildings were grandfathered into the zoning when the city significantly downzoned Wisconsin Ave in the 1970s and 1980s.


Here, comparing the building use map, you can see that the Tenleytown area is pretty much built to the paint-by-numbers designs of planners, except that the areas around the Tenleytown Metro station is not as dense as it could be. What does the transport walkshed look like?


So, above are the plain zones, and it’s actually reassuring to see that most of the transit accessibility correlates with higher-density mixed-used areas. But it could be better. Take a look at this map of building uses versus transit accessibility.


Again, it’s good to see some density where transportation is, but still, there are a lot of areas not quite living up to their potential – and what is the potential for more transit with higher density?

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