Tobago, DC

I grew up east of Ft. Reno Park, in what I thought was called North Cleveland Park. I always felt that the neighborhood was a little dull and lacking community, like it really wasn’t a neighborhood. This sense was borne out when my parent’s realtor confessed that he had no idea what it was called. Now, Wikipedia claims there is a difference between North Cleveland Park, south of Albermarle St. and Wakefield to the north of it. Wakefield? Damnit, no! I’m calling it Tobago.

Map around Ft. Reno Park
You know, because there's already a Trinidad somewhere else in the city... Via DC GIS.

I am not joking at all; I want this to happen. There is no reason why we should stick with a real estate name that nobody knows. A funny name is precisely what DC needs.

6 thoughts on “Tobago, DC

  1. Indeed, a funny name IS precisely what DC needs, and I can’t wait to see the Tenleytown-Tobago-AU Metro station.

  2. I love this idea. little things like this really add to DC’s character, not to mention its subtle internationalism. Wikipedia edits commencing presently.

  3. Wa? Tobago? I grew up at Yuma and Reno and my mother still lives there. This isn’t Tobago. It ain’t Wakefield either. What the hell’s wrong with Tenleytown? That’s what I’ve always called this neighborhood.

  4. You’re on to something with the Tenleytown thing. There’s a reason you assumed that’s where you lived. But, by realtors’ definition, your mother’s house is in North Cleveland Park. Wakefield is north of Albemarle.

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