After the GGW Meetup

At the GGW meetup this past week, Dan Reed or Matt Johnson reminded me of the segment of Koyaanisqatsi that shows the results of bad parts of civilization and… well just watch – with the volume up.

Oh, and this brings up all the year-end album collections getting thrown around. I’m going to spare the bloviation, and just give you some lyrics tangentially related to Pruitt-Igoe:

This is bed stuy 82′..
9th floor, 3 tiny rooms one view.
Buck-town, Roosevelt house
They green grass is green
Our green grass is brown.

The windows on the Ave look like sad eyes
They fix their sharp gaze on you when you pass by
And if you dare to stand, you can see em cry

You can watch em scowl
Feel them prowl
Wall and study every inch about you
Fast math measuring what you amount to

Revelations, hatred, love and war.
And more and more and more and more
And more of less than ever before
It’s just too much more for your mind to absorb

I don’t think anyone has captured the physical character of grim and outsize housing projects quite as well as Mr. Smith has here.

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