Reno Park Update 100202: Old Names

I’m going to recap some of the analyses I did for Reno Park within the next week or so. After that, I will be getting into a historical analysis of the geography. For now, here is a broad map of historical names no longer used at the site. Names in red were designated organically or based on the farm tracts’ names, while names in blue were attempts to brand new developments.

historical names

2 thoughts on “Reno Park Update 100202: Old Names

  1. How great would it be to live in a place called Gizor… I assume it’s the capital of a species of subterranean cannibalistic mole-men?

  2. I have been so tempted to resurrect that name, but I doubt anyone would believe it’s real. Plus, I’ve never figured out where it came from, and I don’t want to awake some Sumerian blight demon by repeating its name.

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