The DCPD are almost pedestrian-friendly

After a few high-profile accidents near the intersection of Connecticut and Nebraska Avenues near the north end of Tobago. Originally, the sign to urged motorists to slow and be aware of pedestrians crossing, which is certainly a good thing, except that they stuck it in the middle of the sidewalk. They later moved it after a complaint, but it didn’t get much better, especially considering its new state. 

Sure, pedestrians can walk around it, but this has been sitting there for a while, but it’s still there. And it’s not working. So…

comet corner sign fail

After the break, see that the city has also decided to remind pedestrians not to jaywalk, although that hasn’t nearly been as much of an issue at the site as, say, jaydriving or the lunacy known as reversible lanes.

watch for pedestrians

No jaywalking.

This is a lot of visual noise that doesn’t seem to do too much to actually foster safety. If people are crossing inappropriately, doesn’t that indicate a need for another crosswalk? Even then, an unsignaled crosswalk is neither safe nor desirable because pedestrians rightly perceive it as ineffective against speeding motorists, while drivers see them as pointless and unused, so never slow down on their long, straight route out of the city. But local government had to do something! To quote eminent statesman William J. Le Petomane, “I didn’t get a ‘Harumph! outta you!”

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