Resolution and a little denouement

With the considerable help of Thomas Allen of 703Designs and Alexandra Silverthorne, I was able to get the bad code out and get things back to normal. It was a simple error, buried in a couple of posts, but it’s not exactly clear how it got in there. You might also be interested in Alexandra’s photography installation series, The Parks Project, which has placed photographic plaques in several parks around the city, including Fort Reno.

In the meantime, I’ve changed to a theme that displays text better and loads more quickly. I’ve also revised a number of posts for clarity:

I’ll also be updating the blogroll to be more local soon. So czech that out.

And I’ll leave you with a quotation about the New Art Institute of Chicago building, by Nicky O:

It’s hard to know how these qualities will play out amid the gloom and doom of the new economy. In some ways Mr. Piano’s refined, risk-averse architecture may be more appealing than ever. He is not out to start a revolution. His designs are about tranquillity, not conflict. The serenity of his best buildings can almost make you believe that we live in a civilized world.

A calm, comfortable building that uses modern materials in a rational, humane way. Sounds good to me.

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