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As I’ve written this blog, certain posts have remained popular or get positive feedback. Sometimes, I think I actually have something to say.

A Metrorail 20-year plan – A different fantasy Metro expansion that emphasizes polycentricity.

Architects weigh in on the Height Limit. Who knows the effect of the height limit better than the people who design buildings under it. What would taller buildings mean for DC’s architecture?

How can Fort Reno’s history come to life? A look at a few parks’ relevance to Tenleytown.

United States Bicycle Route 101 – The US has interstate bike routes. Let’s make more of them.

Reno Park Analysis. An comprehensive reconsidering of on of DC’s most complex site, including parks, neighborhoods, history, and future.

Three Soviet Memorials to Massacres. Soviet memorials are not for the faint of heart.

Streets through time and place. The uniqueness of cities seems to have something to do with history: forgetting it.

Forest Glen Seminary, parts One, Two, Three, Four, and Five – Harmony isn’t always pretty.

Introducing the Boozy Walkabout. The most fun way to view a city.

Why Design Matters to the Stimulus, Part One and Part Two – Because our infrastructure shouldn’t be hidden or ugly.

McMillan Two Envisions a Classical Anacostia – A DC classicist created an audacious and controversial plan to narrow the Anacostia River, remove highways, and  fill in the new areas with small-lot buildings.

Why is Delaware so sad? A truly awful chart and a pathetic admission.

New Group Opposes In-Ground Rails is a 2010 April Fool’s Day post parodying the opposition to overhead power wires for streetcars.

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