Ballplayer: Pelotero

Pelotero is a documentary that follows two promising Dominican baseball players (Miguel Sano and Jean Batista) as they buck for a contract and navigate the farm system.  One of the directors, the noted Northwest-Tobagoan Trevor Martin, appears in this spot on Last Call with Carson Daly.

I’ve seen parts of the film before it had the professional narration, and even though I am more interested in baseball stadiums than baseball games, the very old story of dreams and exploitation was still fresh.

nm0000001? Never heard of him.

But you’d be under quite a rock to have never heard of Fred Astaire, whose unique identifier at IMDb is the lowest number for a performer. Similarly, the lowest ID number for film names is an Edison Kinetoscope of a “Spanish Dancer” called Carmencita. The fictional holder of #000000001 is notable outlaw Jesse James.

Curio facts though these may be, it does make some interesting insights into the origins of IMDb on usenet.