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Ruskin’s Abstract Lines

I don't think Ruskin would have liked Zaha

Even in 1853, John Ruskin was already through with digital exuberance. A drawing showing that natural lines are more pleasing than ordered ones. Fractalicious.

From the Stones of Venice.


Painting iconoclasm

After the reformation, the darkness of medieval churches came to symbolize pagan superstition as much as the icons. So, many churches were painted white, from the stone or from previous colored patterns. The bright, flat spaces were so cool painters, couldn’t help themselves.

 Pieter Saenredam, 1649.

 Pieter Saenredam, 1650.

Emanuel de Witte, 1661.

Emanuel de Witte, 1668.

Dirk van Delen, 1645.

Or, When the Cathedrals Were White, actually.


Such tower. Most gothic. How spire.

Goes on for a while, doesn’t it?

Unbuilt tower at St. Rumbold’s, Mechelen. By Wenceslaus Hollar.