In Search of Lost Terms

I thought I’d join in on all the annual reflection this time of year by giving you some insight into where this website fits into the universe of architectural blogs. This past year, the top search topics for my site were:

  1. “DC metro map” in some form or another, at well over 300 hits;
  2. Neutra, which is surprising, considering I wrote one post about him;
  3. “Adjika,” also odd, in that I wrote one post about it;
  4. My own blog’s name,
  5. And Phil Freelon, also about whom I’ve only written once.

Nonetheless, I haven’t been getting too high on searches for Tenleytown – but this name theif is. What the hell? Sometimes, though, the results are a little more unusual:

The number of sexual ones is alarming, but I guess it’s not really all that surprising.

  • forbidden sin – What sins aren’t?
  • lustful look – I’ve gotten this term at least ten times;
  • lustful beauty – that’s a close second in lustfulness;
  • bratz sexuality – Mostly for this article;
  • pedo toddler love doll – Oh dear.

Sometimes I get searches that are strangely close to home:

  • j.d.hammond construction;
  • willy cass – This seems to come from here.

Then I get ones that are slightly off:

  • current traffic in tobago
  • dark brown house – I assume this is some mirror universe Brown House with a goatee;
  • البيتزا الإيطالية – This translates to “italian pizza” apparently;
  • prison stripes – I get these from the Watergate article;
  • are glover park residents conservative – No, they’re “communitarian nationalists.”

And then I’m reminded I write about architecture…

  • forest houses of the future;
  • visual figure ground activities;
  • wavy building;
  • best building;
  • high school musical architeture;

… and about Tenleytown

  • mattress tenleytown.

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