Reno Park Update 091022: Property as Figure


In the last post, I showed this map of the neighborhood, which expressed the gradients of permeability the T-T area. But this might not perfectly show how different the city looks without property laws. Look after the break.pedestrian-fg-no-prop1

So, it’s a lot less architectural – there’s more undefined space if you ignore property. The property lines make the spaces more clear, but they do so with that uncomfortable ambiguity. Here’s a feathered version of the property spaces.


It’s slightly fuzzier. Not a perfect expression of the uncertainty, but it shows the feeling of not really knowing the actual property boundaries. I can cut this up in twenty more ways, but really, what the area needs is a greater contrast of permeability, moving away from the shapeless grays. Ambiguous permeability will still be very important, but it has to be used in a visible and interesting way, bringing the constructed structures of the city to the physical experience.

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